Demian Wy

Bern-based composer and sound artist

Demian's work includes compositions for instruments and electronics, sound installations, as well as dance scores. In doing so, he addresses social issues and engages in sound research. He studied music and media art at the Bern University of the Arts and has been working as a freelance artist and sound engineer ever since.


«                    »

Sound and videoinstallation for public spaces

Moments of movement broken down into fragments. Tension buildups hidden in the surroundings. Microscopic viewpoints. An installation for two video screens and loudspeakers in public spaces created in collaboration with Nina Müller.

Temporary Contemporary

Sounddesign for the dance movie “Temporary Contemporary” by Oliver Brand

Nothing is for eternity. Not even places that seem to outlast time. With Temporary Contemporary, director and filmmaker Oliver Brand impressively stages this transience by turning it into a stage for contemporary dancers. In doing so, he creates a moving testimony to the ephemeral nature of places that are in precisely that state only on the day the film is shot. The sounddesign was created during an internship at Idee und Klang Audio Design.


Music for the dance performance “be.ware” by Nina Müller

In the piece be.ware, audience and performers, separated by panes of glass, encounter each other in an examination of various aspects of the lack of physical closeness in times of COVID-19. In a small group, the audience is taken on a journey on which it encounters various images on its way from public space to private interior space, which reveal the personal confrontations and interpretations of the 12 performers, ranging in age from under 20 to over 60.


Spatial installation for the funding competition SONX

The spatial installation by Noemi Wyrsch and Demian Wyssmann examines the isolation experienced by people who are suffering from mental illness. Through abstract soundscapes and alienated language, an attempt is made to allow previously unexposed feelings to surface and become tangible.


Music for the 30' dance performance "Rebelmind" by Nina Müller

The plurality of inner voices that we all carry within us shows us that the human being is many(s). In this dance performance, the dancers let some of the protagonists of their research journey into their own inner world have their say. In doing so, they give the different voices a characteristic language of movement.

Second Skin

Installation from chipboard and transducers

Different starting points end in a corner. Second Skin is an installation that as a whole becomes a sound speaker, dares to interpret movements as a state and combines natural with artificial sound material.

Transmitted – once through the ether and back again

Interactive installation for 2 microphones and 10 radios 

Transmitted is a decentralized installation consisting of two sound fields, which spread out in the interstitial spaces.
Where the radios take over, sounds harass in spaces from which no silence was demanded. What takes place in one place reappears in another, disappears completely or is hardly recognizable. In the installation, only sound material is used that can be found on site and is generated consciously or unconsciously by the viewers. 

Recomposed spectral analysis

Audio piece, composition exercise

What sounds are created when an audio recording is broken down into all of its individual frequencies? The first three sounds of Claude Debussy's composition for string quartet are recomposed and used as material for a new piece.


Composition for prepared midi grand piano

How does the role of the performer and the approach of the composer change when an instrument can play an audible piece completely auto- nomously and reproduce complex structures exactly? In the piece "Transfer" Demian explores composing on and with the possibilities of the midi grand piano. Both, in the collaboration and in the confrontation with the self-playing midi grand piano, the question of my role as an interpreter arises.

Standish Lawder – Necrology

Music for an excerpt of the film "Necrology" (Standish Lawder, 1970)

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